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Free trainer mod for Rocket League

BakkesMod is a free video game utility program that enables you to train better at Rocket League. Its full name as “BakkesMod Rocket League trainer,” this game tool was developed by Bakkes and is a third-party mod that acts as an expanded mechanics trainer. You can easily launch it and start working on Rocket League’s various car tricks. BakkesMod adds custom training features and doesn’t modify your actual matches in the game. However, anti-cheat systems may mistake it as malicious so be careful in enabling and disabling it.

Practice makes perfect

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix, released in 2015. It’s basically soccer but with rocket-powered cars. However, manning cars to score goals is easier said than done. Rocket League has a custom training mode you can activate in Freeplay, but it’s not too flexible and intuitive for long periods of training. Fortunately, BakkesMod offers various additional features and tweaks to the game’s base training. 

These come in the form of plugins and 7 are already installed by default: Shot/training, Redirect, Kickoff, Rebound, Dribble, Defender, and Workshop. You can download more online from the mod’s site. These plugins are fully customizable and allow you to adjust how the ball acts for every training. Unlike the vanilla mode, the ball goes into different angles and power of momentum—as if there’s an AI player with you on the field. 

The different training modes focus on what they offer: Redirect lets you train on redirecting shots or passes, Rebound gets the ball to rebound on the wall for you to shoot, and Defender has your training as a goalkeeper. You can easily control the ball with the D-pad, too. However, BakkesMod doesn’t just focus on training. The mod also lets you configure settings for items, Ranked matches, and more. This is a highly recommended tool for Rocket League.


  • Downloadable plugins
  • Varied ball movement during training
  • Can skip ball throws
  • Configures settings outside of training


  • Antivirus recognizes it as malicious


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BakkesMod 1.0 for PC


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